Good evening from the home city of Nicola Tesla! Yesterday we found ourselves stucked in the most touristic place in Montenegro, thousands of cars going to the beach when we trying to hitchike on the opposite direction, luckily we escaped paying little for a ride to close to the airport and from there to the Podgorica surroundings, there the magic happened: hitchiking near a petrol station Monika said „I’m just gonna sit here and wait for a Polish car to stop”, so in the time it took me to refill water bottles, a car with a Polish couple stopped and took us. Five hundred km of mountains, ten hours of turns and millions of overtakes later, arrived in Belgrado to find our hostel closed, luckily the guy of the bar nearby found us another hostel to spend the night. Belgrade is the biggest city of our trip so far, and one of the most touristic destinations with cozy bars with live jazz, like the one we are now;) (Marc)